Sadhana Yoga

Sadhana Yoga is a new system of specific asanas and breathing techniques, which is rooted in the ancient tradition of Raja Yoga. This system was developed by Yogacharya Hemanth kumar venkataram who was born and bred in Mysore, the birth place of Raja yoga and Ashtanga yoga tradition.

Sadhana Yoga stems from the sanskrit 'Sadhana', meaning spiritual goal. Therefore, Sadhana Yoga is the repeated practice by which practitioners reach the goal of complete inner health, boundless vitality and longevity in one's body.

The aim of practicing Sadhana Yoga is to achieve one pose with one type of breath and one point of concentration. The technique makes the practitioner in one pose straight for a long period of time without discomfort by taking one long breath and 5 senses under the control. Samadhi is obtained ultimately through medication concentration.

Sadhana transcends the ego to reach the true goal, that is to break the restraint of mind and body through accomplishing correct postures, whilst observing our breath in a meticulous and controlled way.

We were all born with a certain amount of vital energy. This energy is often reduced, dissipated or squandered because people don't know how to look after and cultivate this life energy, which is the most important factor in people's lives to maintain a long and healthy life. In fact, a few generations ago our ancestors lived decades longer without suffering or serious diseases. Historical record can be dated back to 1900's.

Hemanth has expressed Sadhana yoga to the world because the goal of Sadhana yoga and Hemanth's mission is to help people regain the vital energy that they were born with but has partially lost in poor lifestyle. In a sense, Sadhana Yoga resembles a gas station where we can replenish our vital energy, or 'prana', through graded and safe practice.

Sadhana Yoga is the modern naturopathy for diseases prevention and treatment.It's a scientific and effective system.

Sadhana Yoga is divided into practise and Sadhana therapeutic yoga.

Sadhana Keynote

Natural energy
Human is one of the biological universe. Each person's body was born with full of energy, but because of the environment, mood, behavior, injury and other reasons, our body's energy source is inadvertently consumed. Sadhana yoga brings natural energy to our body.

Wisdom Excellence
Sadhana yoga practice helps us learn how to use conscious regulation of breathing. The body with breath control fully brings all functions of the body to the innate stage, and then constantly excels, cures disease throughout the body defense system and optimizes the root cause of the excellent change of life. It is also the intention of yoga in its long history.

Human is one of the biological universe. Nobody wants disease or pain. Everyone wants health calm in the natural universe. Everyone wants to enjoy happiness and longevity and quality of life. However, due to various reasons, new uninvited diseases consume our body constantly, and eventually the life itself will be exhausted.

Experts and scholars are studying how to combat diseases. Doctors are using a variety of methods to treat diseases. Many training approaches applied in the fitness center having been carrying hope to ensure human health. But the rising new diseases at the same time impede the progress of life health. Is there a way to keep us away from disease? Is there a way that we can extend lifespan? Sadhana Yoga was born for the purpose of "Keep humanity from disease and prolong life energy."

Each person's body from birth is full of energy, but due to environmental, emotional, behavioral, injuries and other reasons, our body's energy source inadvertently is on the verge of exhaustion, then how do we replenish? Sadhana Yoga is a physical energy recovery system. Our life energy is recovered and growing with help of Sadhana Yoga!

Sadhana yoga practice is for everyone. It helps us learn how to use conscious regulation of breathing. The body with breath control fully brings back all functions of the body, expresses humanity’s uncommon imagination arisen from human instinct, improves physical architecture, activates the immune system, and eliminates all diseases including cancer and other illness in modern societies.

Sadhana Yoga Therapy has been applied to release the pain and cure illness. Through asanas, breathing methods, lifestyle adjustment and etc., Sadhana Yoga Therapy is helping us locate the root cause of disease, make symptoms less severe and finally recover body completely. The recovery comes from the lift of inner energy buried in the body. It is our own efforts that keep ourselves away from diseases.

The Practice

There are two major components of our system: Sadhana Yoga and Sadhana Yoga therapy. Sadhana Yoga has three grades which have distinct sub-levels respectively before practitioners are fully ready to undertake the final stage of Sadhana yoga. These three grades (beginner, intermediate and advanced) provide the practitioner with complete health and form a foundation. By achieving one asana (pose), one pranayama (type of breath) and one dharana (concentration) people experience a deep state of meditation. Ultimately, Sadhana yoga is an attainment of good physical health as well as a preparation for meditation and Samadhi (spiritual enlightenment). Sadhana Yoga is also called a core meditation practice.

The Sadhana method of Yoga as a prepartion for meditation, is initially learnt through the in-depth study and practice of asanas (posture) and pranayama (breath control). Hemanth has systematized 360 classical yoga Asanas and 8 different types of Pranayamas, or breath control which move from beginner to advanced, that can help people to gain full range of motion and complete body function to enable practitioners to have a complete long breath. This long breath is required to master your asanas (for the body) and pranayamas (for the breath) and the final 4 advanced pranayama. The final 4 pranayamas will enable you to reach the final stage in Sadhana Yoga.

These 360 postures have been structured and categorized so as to allow a beginner to make certain and safe progress. From mastering basic postures to approaching the most advanced, they gain flexibility, strength and sensitivity in mind, body and spirit.


In practice Sadhana Yoga focuses on 3 aspects particularly.

1.The sequence of the postures consists of level 1c, 1b, 1a, 2b, 2a, 3c, 3b and 3a respectively.

The first level will help you fully activate lungs and gain complete function of the joints in the musculoskeletal structure, specifically lower and upper limbs.

The second level will help you activate the spine, extend the vertebral column and increase spinal flexibility and strength and expand the space for the long breath.

The first two levels are a preparation for the third level.

The third level will help you master asanas and breath, obtain perfect health and steadiness of mind.

If a practitioner wants to go further, the final stage of Sadhana Yoga is the spiritual practice. There are three levels. Each of them has sub-levels, as shown below.

2.The ratio of time for the inhalation and exhalation of each breath allows the body to recover joint function properly (Only complete and proper function of joints can allow you to complete the asana with complete breath). The ratio of breath helps to completely open the body, harmoniously in an anatomically correct way so that the student suffers no injury or pain when practicing correctly. As all bodies are different and people have different weaknesses and strengths, Hemanth has also designed the sequence of all levels with different RATIOs OF BREATHING. To open the body, one needs to develop the right breath process.

The time spent in every pose is counted. The first 5-breaths will expand lungs to the edge of your range of motion for each asana safely. The first 5-breath will help you master your posture. The next 5 breaths will help you master your breath. Then find your final long breathing, stay there because that final long breathing will put you in challenge for a period of time before it gives you comfort.

3.There are three different human body types. People who belong to the different body type cannot reach mastery of asanas (postures) in the same season. They need to work on different asanas in the specific season.

In summer, we sweat easily and gain flexibility more easily than strength. In winter, gaining flexibility is much more difficult than gaining strength.

It's very important in Sadhana Yoga that each person practices and masters specific sequence of Sadhana Yoga asanas in the correct season according to the body type. This is why Sadhana Yoga is referred as the "natural medicine of life". So, Sadhana Yoga is a complete and natural approach tailor-made for each person depending on their body type and physical needs to cure and prevent diseases and maintain a healthy and strong mind, body and spirit. It is perfect for people in today's society.


Sadhana Pranayama will be started once a firm foundation in asana has been established. This is because the student requires the lung capacity to increase the flexibility and the body alignment to reach mastery of asanas.

Pranayama gives numerous physical benefits including toning the circulatory, digestive, nerve and respiratory systems, activating the internal organs and creating a feeling of energy and calmness.

Equally important, it also brings the mind and senses under control and makes the individual fit for the experience of meditation. More specifically, it is the preparation for the final 3 levels of Sadhana Yoga which help us eliminate suffering from Dukha ( pain ), create more Sukha ( happiness ) and reach Samadhi ( enlightenment ).


Sadhana yoga curriculum includes three levels: primary (1), intermediate (2) and advanced (3). Each level is further divided into three parts, 1- A, B, C, 2-A, B, C, 3-A, B, C. Until practitioners reach 3A level, they can prepare for the more advanced exercises such as concentration and meditation.

Sadhana 1 (A, B, C): The focus is to fully open the body and balance the line of body 5 (five elements) by mild exercise postures. At this level the attention is put on awakening the body by breathing and exercising asanas including 50 individual asana. The function of these asanas is to achieve a full breath. With lung capacity gradually expanded, the body is created more space to let life energy flow to every part of the body and eliminate clogging.

Sadhana 2 (A, B, C): The focus is to increase the level of physical strength and flexibility. Exercise benefits will be more subtle. Once we master breathing, we realize complete freedom of the body. In this process, the brain will play many roles in body control. Asana practice will become easier. If you want to shorten Sadhana's 2: it is through a comprehensive grasp-full grasp of asanas and of breathing.

Sadhana 3 (A, B, C): With a comprehensive grasp of asanas and breathing in Sadhana 2, practitioners will be able to do each asana, control minds (one posture / one deep breath). With such control of their own capabilities, Sadhana 3 will enable us to add to the sense of control, whereby the brain will be able to focus on a complete body health, take us far away from exotic diseases, extricate us from the pain of the body.

In the first level of exercise, the body impurities and toxins will be expelled. The next level of exercise is based on the brain control and breathing. In the third level of exercise, the body and breathing have been controlled by the brain will be very calm, more focused on the next practice.

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